Who Can Use WordPress Travel Themes?

WordPress themes for travel sites are allowing you to create a high-quality website with a first-class design and full functionality for travel purposes. And it doesn’t matter what you want to create. WordPress will provide everything you need to succeed in your niche. Travel themes on WordPress will suit for:

  • Travel blogs;
  • Travel agencies;
  • Hotels;
  • Tour operator.
  • Tour desk.
  • Another company that organizes outdoor activities.

Check the collection of Sports, Outdoors & Travel WordPress themes above to find the perfect one for your needs. If there is any question, write to the support team, and we will help you choose the right design for your business.

What Features Should Have a Travel eCommerce WordPress Theme?

First of all, it must be reliable and functional. Good quality travel themes on WordPress CMS should support photo and video galleries and a booking system. Other essential features for a travel site are payments. Your themes should be WooCommerce ready. In addition to beautiful galleries and online bookings, any site needs a modern design that keeps up to date, created taking into account the latest trends. One of such trends is parallax scrolling. Also, any travel website should have a responsive design and be adapted for mobile devices. If your theme is translation-ready and SEO-optimized, you can get customers all over the world.

In our collection of WordPress travel themes, you will find all these features. In addition, they will have social media options, Google fonts, and custom widgets. Also, they are easy to use thanks to integrated page builders. Using Elementor or Visual Composer, you can edit any page of the website by easy drag and drop.

Top Features of WordPress Travel Themes

According to statistics, more than 70% of people are booking hotels, looking for tours, and buy tickets online. Let's download and run the project on your phone (Android, iOS, macOS), tablet, iPhone, iPad, or other gadgets because this is a fully responsive template. Visualization will be available through any browser (Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer).

Let's turn to the list of features:

  1. Quickstart Package to install travel WordPress themes in minutes.
  2. More than a hundred customization options are available in each builder: navigation, typography, customizing logos, blog pages editing, slider, portfolio, blog, footers, and so on.
  3. A convenient built-in admin panel allows you to give an exciting appearance to the web page.
  4. Dropdown menu. Comfortable page navigation without obstacles.
  5. Adjust drawing, writing, and animation options to exchange tour route data or add visuals to Google Maps to display road trips or adding images for landmarks. For instance, if you want to add a plane icon to identify the brand agency, do it.
  6. Advanced travel theme WordPress options.
  7. Drag and drop content. All the modules (blocks) are ready to fill.
  8. HTML5, jQuery technologies power all themes.
  9. Bootstrap Framework makes the asset 100% responsive.
  10. Megamenu. CMS displays options in a list, allowing you to view multiple options.
  11. Parallax. The effect allows objects in the picture to move smoothly while the background stays still. The activity of other images moves in a usual manner, creating the effect of the background moving behind the content.
  12. Gallery script: carousel to show how many countries you suggest visiting.
  13. GTmetrix for testing the performance of resources.
  14. Lazy load effect. It delays the content that is in the next fold, thus improving your website's speeds.
  15. Online chat. Communicate with your customers in real-time, wherever you are. Show polls to get post-chat feedback.
  16. Integration with social networks. If the catalog is used for an existing store on a social network, then it is easily integrated and displays products from the account.
  17. Ajax. This technology allows for invisible background processing of data (without page reloading), which significantly improves user interaction. There is no need to refresh the entire page every time, as only a specific part is updated. It is much more convenient, since you do not have to wait long, and more economical since not everyone has unlimited Internet access. True, in this case, the developer needs to make sure that the user is aware of what is happening on the page.
  18. The Contact Form7 extension. You can create any type of form with any number of fields. It allows you to protect states from spam.

Analysis of the data shows a 7% decrease in conversions caused by a download delay. Therefore, we made sure that your visitors do not have to wait long. Famous landmarks have visitor reservations, allowing tourists to decide about their trip or hotel reservations.

Why do People Need Travel WordPress Themes

The Internet has spread all over the world and became a reliable companion in all business spheres. It also has made the experience of traveling incredibly easy and affordable. An internet connection is the only effective way of connecting people all over the world. The worldwide spread of the Internet motivates businesses to build their websites. As a rule, they prefer to build their websites on WordPress CMS. WP is the best platform for building a travel website. The users can choose from the diversity of travel WordPress themes. This content management system can help them to create a travel website. Business owners can easily select a perfect premium theme with the Templateog体育首页 platform. And they will be amazed by the variety of templates, plugins, and other web assets.

Free or Premium-Class Travel WordPress Themes?

Many people prefer premium class themes. Those unique themes help to build their successful brand online. Why should they buy premium themes if there are so many free templates? This is an interesting question that requires a brief explanation. Those people who prefer free web assets can change their opinion after reading the next information. So, why choosing free instead of web assets? Those people who created the themes need the payment for their coding/designers' work. No single person will give a premium service/ product to the stranger free of charge. Here's the list of advantages that have first-class products/ services:

  • Regular updates;
  • Pre-installed plugins;
  • Various customization settings;
  • Expert assistance if needed;
  • All the necessary licenses are included.

In conclusion, it needs to be said that premium travel website themes are worth every penny spent on the website. They give the users extra convenience and flexibility in achieving the business goals.

Travel WordPress Templates for the Travel Agency Projects

People may create various travel websites with the help of travel WordPress themes. These templates are flexible and very user-friendly. Moreover, they have good SEO optimization. This will allow new clients to visit your websites directly from Bing, Google, and other search engines. And what travel websites can be created with the help of travel WP templates?

  1. Travel Guide WordPress Themes;
  2. Camping WordPress Themes;
  3. Travel Agency WordPress Templates;
  4. Airline Tickets WordPress Themes;
  5. Travel Store Templates.

Main Features of Travel WordPress Themes

Consumers can easily buy a template for their business purposes. Those themes have a bunch of interesting advantages. Here's the list of the most important.

  • Responsive - There will be many different elements on each page of the online resource. Our themes are made responsive. This will help with proper functioning on every screen and device.
  • Search engine friendly - SEO is essential for a profitable business. Well-thought-out SEO optimization helps the customers to find the website.
  • Drop-down menu - An element that helps the users to navigate the website more comfortably.
  • Multipurpose design - Please, use our web assets for any kind of travel web project. You can customize travel WordPress themes that will satisfy your needs and necessities.
  • Blog - This feature can attract additional traffic from search engines.
  • Drag and drop content - People like WordPress for this useful feature. They can choose content and place it into the selected feature.
  • Lazy load effect - An effective feature that makes the website work more flawlessly. It works in the following way. The client won't see all the images on the website. They become visible to the consumer when he scrolls down the website.
  • Online chat - This is a great opportunity to allow the clients to chat with the support team via live chat. This will show potential clients how serious you are about delivering first-rate travel services.
  • The mobile layout included - According to the research, more than 50% of world traffic is generated by mobile devices. This number is increasing daily. All the business owners don't want to miss clients. That's why mobile device compatibility is very important for them.
  • Mega Menu - It is a complex menu that allows seeing multiple options. Those options are displayed in a drop-down form.
  • Our travel themes also are HTML5, jQuery, Sliced PSD, HTML Plus JS, Parallax, GPL License, Ajax, AMP ready.

Plugins that Add Functionality to Travel WordPress Themes

WP Travel - This helpful plugin is an ideal pick for travel agencies. WP Travel will help the business owners in successfully managing the travel bookings. According to the customers' reviews, this is one of the most functional plugins made by software developers. WP travel has the following features:

  • Limitless Tour Features - It will help to create an unlimited quantity of tour packages.
  • Tour Filters - The visitors can check their itineraries with special filters in the search form.
  • Easy Booking - This plugin has one of the easiest booking systems. Your clients can quickly book their trips. This can bring you more bookings and income.
  • Travel Bonuses - With this feature, you can add free and paid services for every individual trip.
  • Data Reports - Highly important feature for all kinds of travel WordPress themes. It will help to receive reports from various dates and travel locations.
  • Multiple Pricing Dates - A helpful feature that will add various pricing dates for every trip.
  • Trip Facts - The users can easily add the trip facts.
  • Email Notifications - A must-have feature for every online travel resource. The admins of the site will be informed via email about all travel booking details.

TravelPayouts - One more plugin that will be useful for every travel website. TravelPayouts provides the cheapest flights and hotels. In addition, it covers various travel services. It can assist with flights, car rentals, hotels, and health insurance. It has a variety of different features. The most important are given in this checklist:

  • It can help with the hotel prices and other related information;
  • This plugin has 11 customizable sources with flight information;
  • TravelPayouts has an extensive flight instructions widget;
  • It has multiple supported languages (English, german, polish, and many others);
  • This is a plugin that has a variety of supported currencies (USD, euro, cad, and many others);

WP Travel Engine - Free plugin that can create a variety of travel packages. This will be helpful for tour operators travel companies. It is user-friendly and very flexible. It has many fundamental features. These are the most important characteristics of WP Travel Engine:

  • Limitless travel tour offers;
  • A well-thought-out travel booking mechanism;
  • Payment processing;
  • Inquiry form;
  • Translation ready.

Why Is Mobile Optimization Crucial for Your Travel Agency Business?

Today, we're living in a world of modern technologies. All people have their mobile gadgets and fast internet connection. People are consuming a lot of content during the whole working day. The vast majority of this content is consumed via smartphones and tablets. This motivates business owners to optimize their websites for mobile devices. In our time, people value time most of all. Nobody will wait if your website will work slowly on mobile devices. People can simply leave the website and look for a travel tour in some other places. That's why your website needs to have solid and stable mobile optimization. I

Why Every Travel Business Needs SEO for Their Websites?

A well-thought-out SEO optimization might be very helpful. It can assist with attracting new customers from search engines. A good SEO helps the search engines to understand your website better. It also helps with improving the website's usability. Search engines will improve your websites' ranking when they notice this improved users' websites' usability. As a result, your travel website will receive more customers from organic search results. This is a very important reason why the owners need to pay very close attention to SEO. Proper search engine optimization can influence the business in a very positive way.

Review on Travel eCommerce WordPress Theme

Oceanica is a premium template for creating a professional website for travel agencies. It includes all the essential features to serve the needs of modern travelers. With this WordPress travel theme, your customers can find online a preferable tour and choose a hotel.

WordPress Travel Themes FAQ

How to start an eCommerce travel website using a WordPress theme?

First of all, you need to select a hosting provider and buy a domain name. Here are the hosting providers that we can recommend. After that, you should download and install WordPress. After that, you choose a WordPress travel theme from our collection, for example, according to an affordable price, customization options, and other essential features. Install this theme to WordPress and download the WooCommerce plugin. The last step will be adding your images and content. For more detailed information read in our ultimate guide.

How many Travel WordPress themes can be installed on one website?

You can install as many themes as you want. But you will have just one theme active on your website.

What difference between free and premium Travel WordPress themes?

Free Travel WP themes have fewer features and usually don’t get updates. But they are great for beginners if you just starting travel blogging or other tourism business online. And premium themes are the fully-fledged web designs featuring sets of custom tools and customization options. In other words, they have professional features and high-quality design.

Who can help me with installing and customizing the WordPress travel theme?

We offer many different services for WordPress. According to this question, we can recommend such as website installation service, ready-to-use website, and WordPress website creation from scratch. Pick one according to your needs.

How can I update my Travel WordPress theme?

The majority of WordPress themes offer automatic updates. To update your current WordPress theme, you need to:

  • go to Dashboard>Appearance>Themes;
  • pick the current theme;
  • then simply click the button Update Now.
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