W Building Logo Template
Logo template based on identifiable, unique without being complicated approach through neat and professional in its execution is highly appropriate for architecture, interior design, realtor, real...
Classic A Letter logo Design
This logo is suitable for any Website or company. it very classy and unique logo. Any kind of company can use this logo for their website logo or company logo.
101 Business Design Logo Template
Ready-made creative business logo design template. If you need a logo for a website or social media page, we offer ready-made solutions created by professional designers. This is a set of unique...
Sales: 1
Support: 4.4/5
Palm Coconut Tree Vector Logo V3
Vector, coconut, tree, nature, palm, summer, tropical, leaf, plant, design, beach, icon, isolated, illustration, logo, symbol, natural, vacation, travel, paradise, sea, island, silhouette, exotic,...
Sales: 1
Professional Pixel Shopping Tag Logo
— .ai (illustrator CC) — .eps (illustrator 10) — .psd ((Psd files was Generated in Illustrator, some features can be lost. To reach maximum editability use Adobe Illustrator)) — .jpg (white...
Support: 5/5
Home and House Symbol Logo Vector V8
Symbol, home, business, house, vector, icon, sign, construction, estate, logo, building, graphic, property, modern, logotype, company, real, design, concept, architecture, v, creative, corporate,...
Sales: 1
Bee Logo Template Vector Icon
Bee Logo Template vector icon illustration design – Vector white background with black and yellow color.This Logo download contains 300 dpi print-ready CMYK Ai & EPS files. All main elements are...
Sales: 1
Dr.Plague Esport Logo Template
Introducing Dr.Plague Esport Logo TemplateThis Esport Logo is perfect for your Gaming Team, Logo Brand, and also great for any related Esport Gaming Purpose.Features:- Compatible with AI (Adobe...
Sales: 1
Restaurant Fork And Spoon Logo Vector V2
Spoon, vector, restaurant, fork, symbol, design, logo, food, kitchen, meal, icon, menu, cooking, lunch, cafe, cook, isolated, dinner, eat, sign, concept, illustration, plate, dish, business,...
Sales: 1
Infinity Loop Line Logo Vector V15
Symbol, sign, loop, infinity, icon, vector, shape, logo, abstract, line, concept, modern, element, design, illustration, infinite, endless, geometric, curve, eternity, business, graphic, circle,...
Sales: 1
Fennec Fox Mask Gradient Logo
The logo is vector-based. They are fully editable and scalable without losing resolution.Fonts are not included but you can obtain free from specific websites that indicated in the font links...
Sales: 3
Iconic Yeti Logo Template

Iconic Yeti Logo Template by Metrolinevision

Yeti Logo DesignMinimalist unique Yeti logo concept, perfect for entertainment industry, online store, sports, also You can use it for many creative business companies,support work 24 hoursAll in...
Sales: 5
Master Lion Letter M Logo
— .ai (illustrator CC) — .eps (illustrator 10) — .psd ((Psd files was Generated in Illustrator, some features can be lost. To reach maximum editability use Adobe Illustrator)) — .jpg (white...
Support: 5/5
Compass Logo  Signs And Symbols Vector V5
Symbol, sign, compass, vector, logo, illustration, icon, design, arrow, direction, graphic, isolated, navigation, concept, shape, travel, south, west, east, template, north, web, background,...
Sales: 2
Flower Logo Blue Flower Logo Template
This is Flower Logo Blue Flower Logo Template. This Logo download contain high definition 300 PPI cmyk print ready color mode .features:1. Easy customizable and editable.2. print ready.3. 300 DPI...
Sales: 1
Professional Marketing Company Logo.
This is a Marketing company logo template. This logo download contain high definition 300 PPI. Features: — 100% vector — 100% customizable and editable — Ready for printing — High...
Letter M S Logo Design Template
M S Logo Design Template. This professional logo template can be used to design logo for any brand, business, corporate, company and agency. This logo is best suited for brand names with the...
Sales: 8

Logo Templates to Download - SVG, PNG, CDR, PDF file formats

Logos are those elements that identify a company and distinguish it from the others. Thus, it's clear that they're essential for both businesses and personal brands.

However, creating them from scratch requires design skills and hands-on experience with the use of professional software.

If this is not your case, meaning you are a beginner or have no experience at all, buying ready-made logo templates might be a better solution for you.

Take a look at Templateog体育首页’s Logo Templates created to make your online project stand out. Every Logo Design Template in this collection is made to reflect the general idea of a specific industry. This is why, to highlight the uniqueness of a particular company, you will have to make some changes. Great news is, changing the company name, color scheme and more is not a big deal!

The presented collection of logos offers you Unique and Non-Unique templates. Purchasing a logo at the Unique price ensures it will get removed from our database. No one else will use a similar design, so you obtain a totally exclusive, yet affordable logo design. On the contrary, Non-Unique Logo Templates have a regular price, so they don’t fall under the ‘unique’ category.

All items in this logo design kit can be edited using any graphics editor you’re comfortable with. You’ll discover a multitude of logo formats – for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Corel Photo-Paint.

Logo templates at Templateog体育首页

Throughout the Templateog体育首页 marketplace, you can find several logo templates designed by experts using professional programs.

Although most of the logos are ready to use, if needed, you can easily edit them by using compatible software. You can change their colors, text, or overall design and make it fit your brand identity or content style the best.

Plus, most of the logos are available in multiple file formats. Thus, you can choose the one that is more suitable for the intended use. For instance, if you intend to place the logo on your website, the SVG format is the best choice.

As choosing the right logo among thousands and thousands can be difficult, you can make the research more straight to the point by filtering the results by price, color, file format, compatibility, rating, etc.

Logo template topics

The logo templates you’ll find across the marketplace are related to different topics. You can choose the one that is closest to the industry in which you or your business operates. The following are some of the most common topics you can encounter:

  • business;
  • sports;
  • design;
  • medical;
  • real estate;
  • electronics;
  • animals;
  • computers and internet;
  • games and nightlife.

Logo file formats

Logos are also available in many formats. Depending on whether you plan to edit them with specific programs, include them on certain digital assets, or print them, you may need to choose a particular file format. The following are some of the most common file formats you can encounter throughout the site:

  • PSD;
  • SVG;
  • PDF;
  • JPEG;
  • CDR;
  • JPG;
  • CSS;
  • TXT;
  • INDD.

How to edit pre-made logos

Even if you decide to buy or download ready-to-use logo templates, you can edit later on in most cases. You can change their original colors, texts, shapes, or the overall design according to your preferences or needs. To help you with this, here are some editing programs:

What are the most common logo placements?

Logos are the distinctive sign of a company. This means you should place them on every content you create. The following are only a few of the most popular logo placements:

  • business cards;
  • presentations;
  • websites;
  • mobile apps;
  • flyers;
  • brochures;
  • ebooks;
  • social media posts.

How to choose the perfect company logo

A logo is something that helps people recognize your brand and distinguish it from others. It is so important that every company has it.

However, creating a logo design or choosing the right one from ready-made templates is not always as easy as it seems. There are some important details to take into consideration.

To help you facilitate the decisional process, we listed below some steps you should follow in choosing the best logo for your company.

Do you research

The first step to do is to do some research and take some inspiration from the existing logos. Look for companies that offer products or services similar to yours and analyze the logos they implemented. You can gather and save some ideas. You can also create your logo from a combination of the existing ones.

Define your brand identity

Once you’ve gathered some ideas, you need to define your brand identity. Is it a friendly or more formal business? Do you want it to transmit action or tranquility? The answers you’ll provide to these questions and many others will help you determine how your logo should look like. For instance, if you sell skincare products, your logo should present smooth colors that transmit peace and relaxation.

Pay attention to colors

As aforementioned, colors play a big role in logos. Whether they’re smoother or bolder, they can transmit distinct sensations and feelings. Thus, following your brand identity and preferences, you should opt for some colors instead of others. Also, pay attention to the color schemes. To rephrase it, choose colors that aren’t too much in contrast or don’t match each other.

Pick the right typography

Logos are often accompanied by text. As for colors, also typography communicates a lot about your brand. You may already know that there are some types of fonts that are more powerful than others and convey different feelings than smoother ones.

Consider the ready-to-use options

The web is plenty of pre-designed logos. You can save time and money for the creation and opt, instead, for a ready-to-use one. Many free logo makers allow you to compose your logo using some pre-existing elements or complete design layouts. This way, you’ll only need to make minor tweaks, such as changing the colors and replace the text with your business name.

Integrate your logo design into your brand

Once you’ve selected and edited your logo, you’ll only need to implement it into your brand and make people recognize your business from it. You should add it to your website, social media channels and posts, business cards, presentations, and so on.

Professionally designed logo characteristics

Some characteristics will contribute to making your logo successful. Some of them are only noticeable when the logo is designed by an expert web designer using professional software.

Be sure the ready-made logo has at least most of the following characteristics before selecting it.


One of the most important aspects of logos is their simplicity. Too many complicated designs or mixed styles may look unprofessional and messy. People will likely attribute their bad impression of your logo to your entire business if they make a bad first impression. Thus, strive for simplicity: simple shapes, colors, and designs.


A logo should be able to communicate or represent what’s your business is about or, at least, it should be relevant to the industry in which you operate. Relevance can be determined by the elements of a logo, such as colors, text, shapes, and so on.


You want a logo that people can easily remember. So, again, this is another reason that explains why a logo should be simple.

In addition, if the logo is unique, it will also assist with memorability. To make sure your logo is original, you should have a general understanding of the competitive landscape.


The logo should also be timeless. In other words, it should remain relevant and effective over the years. It’s always tempting to create or edit your logo with current and temporary trends. However, it is not the best choice at all. Once they get outmoded, you’ll have to find another design for your logo; otherwise, it’ll look old and unpleasant to view. Thus, focus on evergreen elements and styles, removing all the unnecessary components.


A good logo can be used in a variety of ways and situations. It should easily adapt to a different type of content and assets. For example, a logo that you can use only online and not for printing can’t be considered versatile. It’s not ideal to have a logo that becomes distorted when resized or adapted to a bigger dimension. Thus, you should opt for a format (e.g., SVG) that ensures maximum flexibility.


Another important characteristic of a successful logo is its scalability. The logo you design or buy will need to work and be visible if used as a favicon or poster dimension.

Thus, before implementing a logo into your brand, make sure to zoom in and out and check if it is unambiguous at any size.

Advantages of buying ready-to-use custom logos

Several reasons explain why many people prefer to buy ready-made logos instead of creating them from scratch by themselves.

Below we listed only a few of the most relevant benefits.

Savings in both time and money

One of the first advantages of buying pre-made logo templates is related to savings. You not only save the time for the creation, which can be relatively long, but you also save money. If you don’t have experience with designing programs, it may be necessary to hire a designer, which can be quite expensive.

Professional work

Most of the pre-designed logos you’ll find across the web are created by experts. This means you’ll take advantage of professional work, even if you don’t have any experience.

Editable and customizable

Despite the pre-made logos come up with a pre-existing design, you can change them entirely or partially. This means that you can change their colors, shapes, text, or whatever you like to edit by using some compatible software.

Wide range of options

When buying a ready-made template, you can choose among thousands and thousands of designs. This means you won’t need to brush up your mind for a new design. In place of this, you will pick one among the available options or at least have a general idea of the design you prefer.

Logo Templates Unlimited Download with og体育首页ONE

If you’re looking for more than a single logo template, buying them separately might be quite expensive. A subscription to the og体育首页ONE plan can be a more convenient solution for your needs in such a case. The subscription will allow you to access and download unlimited logo templates and many other digital graphics designed by experts from all around the world using professional software.

Logo templates Frequently Asked Questions

What is a logo?

A logo is a symbol or other design adopted by a company to identify its products, services, etc.

What’s the difference between a logo and a brand?

A logo is a graphic symbol that represents the brand. Instead, a brand consists of all of an organization's tangible and intangible aspects.

What Adobe program is best for logos?

Adobe Illustrator is the best Adobe program for logo creation and editing. It offers a wide range of tools that guarantee the best results in terms of appearance and functionality.

How to remove background from logos?

If you’d like to remove the background from your logo, you can either use professional software (such as an Adobe program) or one of the following free online tools:

  • Remove.bg;
  • Slazzer;
  • Photoscissors.

How to convert a logo from SVG to PNG?

If you intend to convert a logo from SVG to PNG, you can use one of the following free online converters:

  • Convertio;
  • Vector Magic;
  • CloudConvert.